The Mandalorian: With another perfect ending, the show doesn’t need to continue

The Mandalorian wrapped its third season this week and the season was another rousing victory, offering some of the best Star Wars action we’ve seen since the original films, depending on who you ask.

While I said this at the conclusion of last season, when Luke Starwalker appeared to take Grogu to Jedi training, I think it’s even more warranted this time around.

This latest season finale should be the series finale of The Mandalorian.

It’s not going to get any better than this. You can only go downhill from here.

We’ve got the closure we need. The Mandalorians reclaimed their home planet and found themselves a reunited civilization in the process. Bo Katan was the undisputable MVP this season with Katee Sackhoff maybe even earning herself some awards consideration for her puzzling and ultimately heroic turn.

And the ending was tied off in a well deserved bow. We had Din Djarrin and Din Grogu in front of their cabin on Navarro preparing to live happily ever after as father and son, hunting down Imperial loyalists on the outer rim in their spare time.

Where else do you exactly want to go?

We can still have other adventures with both of them. Look at The Book of Boba Fett. If we’re being completely honest, that was the third season of The Mandalorian. These two can fit in fine anywhere they go.

You can almost go ahead and bank that we’ll see them at some point during Ashoka. While we already know Rosario Dawson can crush that role, its our favorite father-son team that brings in the subscribers.

But let’s hope that for once, creativity wins over greed.

I’ve enjoyed this journey with our heroes. Let’s let them retire happily.

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