Found: Sir really has all the power right now

Four episodes of “Found” behind us and the most interesting parts of the show don’t have anything to do with the almost forcibly cool PR agency that gets to bypass the law to find missing persons, but another dynamic that has been on the top of all of our minds since the pilot.

That’s the time spent between Gabi and Sir.


And the more time we spend with the two, we discover that the abductor turned abductee is steering the relationship.

Now, I know what we just watched. We had Gabi take all of Sir’s things away, complete with the declaration that she was in control and the over the top music. That was a self affirmation.

But we heard during the show’s sizzle reel that Sir wants to be in that basement. Why? Cause he’s a sicko, that’s why. He seems to be a smart person. He can get up and walk out of there whenever he wants (there probably saving it for the finale).

And Gabi knows this. We’ve established that Gabi is not a healthy person. Healthy people call the cops (story HERE). She’s got “Dexter” syndrome.

This is likely some weird co dependency thing. This week, Sir had the upper hand, getting in Gabi’s head over how Lacey was brought into the locked in room. Who knows what it will be next week?


None of this should be considered a gripe. I’m invested.

Some quick hits…

Still loving the Margaret tie-ins. Definitely my favorite character.

Loved the Zeke drone. We saw “The Irrational” have the bad guys use a drone this week. It’s still a fresh reveal. More of that.

Hopefully, Lacey becomes a lawyer sooner than later. This could make the whole above the law play more convincing.

See you next week!

Plus: A Found crossover with this show that seems like a perfect match HERE

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