The Masked Singer: We discover who Royal Hen was

Annnnd..we’re back for another week of the Masked Singer with group B of “season Ken” or season 10 of a show that still feels like it started yesterday.

It was also Elton John night, which had potential to be fun. After an impressive opening number by Robin Thicke, we got started.

First we met..

The Hawk:who had a clue package that gave us a shy bird under a full moon who fell in love with rock music. He sang a decent rendition of “Saturday Night’s Alright”. Our extra clue gave us a collaboration with Miley Cyrus. Ken guessed Cole Sprouse. Nicole guessed Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Robin guess Cory Feldman.

The Husky:clue package hinted at a lady’s man who was a family first guy and a fan of nature. He sang “Bennie and the Jets” and it was fine. The clue package was weird and only told us that he’s a platinum artist. Jenny guessed Babyface. Robin guessed Terrance Howard. Ken said Morris Chestnut.

Royal Hen was next and after a regal entrance we got a clue package with the Eiffel Tower and a hot dog. She sang Philadelphia Freedom and had an older voice. Our extra clue was a heart wearing a medal illustrating a Medal of Freedom recipient. Robin guessed Gloria Steinem. Jenny said Rita Moreno. Ken guessed Billie Jean King.

Tiki had a clue package that said they sold millions of records before getting in trouble, but he was able to recover and prosper. He sang “Gold bye Yellow Brick Road”. Our extra audible clue revealed a bluesy good laugh. Jenny guessed John Stamos. Nicole said David Lee Roth. Robin told us it could be Robert Plant from Led Zepplin.

It would be Royal Hen and Hawk that were sent to an all bird smackdown round by singing “Don’t go breaking my heart”. The much younger Hawk was dominant and sent Royal Hen to elimination.

In the end it was revealed that Royal Hen was indeed Billie Jean King and we had a nice moment with the tennis legend before the credits. Ken Jeung has been on fire this season. Wow.

See you next week for Harry Potter night!

What did you think of the show? Let me know in the comments.

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