Quantum Leap: The show may have broken Addison

That’s what I was thinking watching this week’s new episode of Quantum Leap come to a close after Ben figured out that it was not UFOs, but a secret military operation that drugged a young girl and put her in a coma while framing her friend.

This is because we don’t know what Ben is leaping for anymore now that Addison has found someone else after his three year disappearance.

The show didn’t change my mind and worse, its making my favorite character the most unlikable on the show.

Caitlin Bassett isn’t doing anything wrong, but Addison spent this week just chasing Ben around and disagreeing with everything he was doing.

They gave Ben a rebellious and reckless new attitude. Who can blame him? He’s caught in a purgatory with the ghost of the woman he loves who is hooking up with another guy. There is nothing to go home to.

You’d probably take more risks too.

But with Addison, they’ve kind of framed her as this nagging bystander. And Ben started leaping to specifically save her life. How do you not pull resentment from that?

We know that some corrective actions are coming. It was teased that others would help Ben with his jumps. That was fun last season and there is no reason why it couldn’t be again.

Still, they need to give Addison something more to do besides embody a painful reminder that the number one reason that our hero is going through this entire ordeal doesn’t really matter anymore.

I don’t know. A life with a scientific mind like Hannah, moving into the 50s, before there were so many problems and knowing what he knows.

That sounds really great. And that’s not good when we’re supposed to hope Ben gets home.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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