Things to say during the Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl to sound smart if you’re lost

Oh, the Super Bowl. The annual gathering of friends and family that doesn’t have a common tie like the holidays or a birthday.

Let’s face it, most of you are there for the food.

But if you’re forced into a conversation and have no idea what’s going on, try some of these lines and then quickly change the subject..

Things to say about the Kansas City Chiefs (They’ve got the KC on their helmet and its the team Taylor Swift is rooting for)

“After that first loss to the Lions, I’m surprised they were able to get all the way back here.”

“Man, you’ve still got to love Andy Reid finding all of this success after his time in Philly”

“Jackson Mahomes, yikes” (more on that HERE)

“I remember watching Patrick’s dad pitch back in the day” (Do not use if you’re younger than 40)

“Regardless of what happens here, they need to find Mahomes more guys to throw to before next year after Taylor puts Travis on lockdown”

Things to say about the San Francisco 49ers (they’ve got the SF on their helmets)

“Brock Purdy, from Mr. Irrelevant to a Super Bowl. I’ll always be Mr. Irrelevant to my ex but I won’t have a Super Bowl to show for it.” (Mr. Irrelevant is the last guy picked during the draft)

“Christian McCaffrey is still underrated.”

“Everybody thought Trey Lance was the answer. They were wrong.”

“When this defense is on, there isn’t anyone they can’t beat”

“Jerry Rice is still the greatest receiver of all time.”

Things to say about the Usher halftime show..

“I’m sure he’ll be great. But remember when Prince was singing Purple Rain and it actually started to rain?”

“Yeah, the last time these two teams played in the Super Bowl it was Shakira and JLo. Right?”

“U got it bad is still my favorite song” (And when they ask you to sing just say you have an awful voice)

“I’m just glad Maroon 5 isn’t back again this year.”

Things to say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce..

“Everyone is saying it’s great for the league but it’s really great for all of our hearts. Do you know what I”m saying?”

“I just think its cute watching Taylor with Travis’ mom. I can’t stand any of my partner’s parents”

“Everyone talks about Travis and Taylor but Simone Biles is cute in Green Bay with her husband too”.

You can find more on them HERE

Enjoy the game!!!

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