Did I ever really belong up there?

The last four years have been brutal. In addition to the pandemic and global uncertainty that all of you have had to go there, I’ve never stopped struggling to find affordable housing in Orlando.

A decade ago, I had a top political blog, and was on TV or the radio almost everyday. I hosted big panels and taught workshops to aspiring politicos.

But my latest struggles have made me second guess all of that. If I were so successful then why would I be struggling now if it was all just good luck and kind people?

I’m learning that now. When you’re struggling in Orlando, a background in politics is pretty useless. People don’t know what to do with me. Not having this solid trade makes getting real work in a hurry more difficult.

In fact, I’m pretty worthless to the vocational service providers.

That’s not to say I don’t love my background. I recently went out campaigning and had a great time. Made some good connections.

But it hasn’t helped me find affordable housing in Orlando.

An upside down political career. A bunch of the fun stuff but none of the long term prosperity.

Makes me wonder if I was ever supposed to get into politics at all.

Dear readers. These days are a struggle. If you’d like to help the blog below, I’d be grateful. You can reach me directly at Torres.fjr@gmail.com

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