You can’t “pray away” homelessness in Orlando, but here is why it still matters

With many organizations helping homeless Orlando families, you’ll often see religion prevalent in their facilities and on their programs.

But despite a true love for Christ and the teachings of the scripture, hope is difficult to find for those experiencing the housing crisis in Orlando.

Myself, along with many followers of the word are left with a hard reality when we set down are bibles.

We’re still struggling. We’re still going to bed in shelters, cars, or motels and there is still no real help on the way.

It’s the ultimate test of fate. When you look around and observe suffering everywhere. Is that the product of prayer?

The longer you’ve been a follower the tougher it is. You’ve followed you faith this far and its landed you here?

Your only faith tied hope is that the kindness of the word has moved those in the process. There are some good people working to help our suffering in Orlando right now.

But many in real estate, property management and even our government are turning away and choosing greed. They may say otherwise but their actions demonstrate different. Until they change our families will suffer.

It’s painful. Salt on our already aggravated wounds. But we keep praying.

And hoping that those prayers will be answered a with simple and safe place to call home.

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