One Size Fits All Approach to Veterans Homelessness can be frustrating

As I continue wading through the complicated and aggravating problems of the Orlando housing crisis, I get a front row look at the problems myself and many other veterans in the area have.

Effective and timely services for help finding stable housing.

There are a variety of reasons for these challenges. A lack of people and resources. A lack of funding. A downplaying of the problem by our elected officials, and so on.

But when we finally get the chance for help, we’re often thrown into the same piles as everyone else.

Yes, we’re veterans. But with the unreliability of the VA, many would argue that it’s a hurdle, not a benefit. Our normally allocated beds aren’t even guaranteed after a fire in the area earlier this year.

Added to all of that is a “one size fits all” approach to services.

My case is no secret. I’ll share it with you. I need an affordable place to live and steady work that can cover the high rent in the region.

I don’t have a felony criminal record or a troubled history of using drugs. I’m fortunate enough to have some education and some support.

Yet, I’m still going to the same places under the same timelines as everyone else.

In a perfect world, I would get a safe space to stay, and a straight shot into working (or retraining) that would allow me to save up and rebuild. VA services would eventually kick in and I could be back on my feet in no time.

It should take weeks, not months, and in some cases over a year. We must be respectful that there are those who need those services, but a slight change in the programs could save time and resources.

We shouldn’t try to elongate what is already one of the most miserable periods of our lives.

Dear friends. Times are tough for me right now. Any help you could give the blog below would be a great help. And if you have questions, you can write me directly at

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