What many homeless Orlando veterans will tell you they want most

As I continue to struggle with the affordable housing crisis with many of my fellow veterans in Orlando, we talk about what we want more than anything. The answer isn’t the most shocking thing. In fact, I’ve mentioned it myself recently HERE.

It’s peace.

To paraphrase some of the things I’ve heard peace is..

Not having to worry about when the paycheck lands.

If your car breaks down, not being terrified that you won’t be able to get it fix.

And if you need a new car, understanding that you’re in a strong enough financial place to get a new one. On your honor if you need to.

Really, I couldn’t agree more.

Being unhoused in Orlando is terrifying. There is no peace. We have a lack of funding and space. There are local leaders who downplay the problems we’re having and celebrate 50 units of housing when we’ve got hundreds that need help. We’ve even had a fire at a local shelter.

It feels like fate and the very elements themselves are rejecting us.

Yes. Peace is really what we want. And you can’t have peace if you don’t have a safe place to stay.

And what a hook it is for a group of struggling Orlandoans who served to simply want peace. So much of our earlier lives revolved around conflict and when we got home, the odds were already stacked against. The housing scene only got worse from there.

So, yeah, you can stack me next to my fellow veterans who simply want peace.

I write about the problems we face here in Orlando. But when you wake up and have peace in your life, this already beautiful community can feel like heaven.

Friends. Times are really tough for me right now. I’m living many of the struggles you read about here. If you’d like to help, you can below. If you’d like more info please write me directly at Torres.fjr@gmail.com

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