Ghosts: His parents, plus Tara Reid has me worried Trevor could get sucked off

In what is both exciting and worrisome news, it looks like we’re going to meet Trevor’s parents and his celebrity crush, 90s “It girl”, Tara Reid, in a February episode of Ghosts. Take a look at the tweet below…

This is really exciting because, it’s a ghost’s celebrity crush. And Reid was every Gen Xers crush back in the late 90s, as was almost every person in the “American Pie” cast. She’s playing herself which means that this memorial that is taking place could give us some fun laughs.

But it also makes me a little nervous because this episode appears to be providing a lot of closure for the Trevor character. And closure could equal getting “sucked off” into heaven, which would mean saying good bye to our Porky Pigging favorite and Asher Grodman.

We’ve talked about this before HERE.

Getting “sucked off” is supposed to be a happy occasion for the spirit, but we’re selfish and don’t want to say good bye to anyone from this perfect cast.

The way this story was also announced sounds like producers want to pop a big number for the episode and losing Trevor would certainly put even more eyeballs on a show that is already crushing it.

All of this is me jumping to conclusions. I have no evidence to support these theories.

But I’ll be watching right along with all of you.

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