Wednesday Reflections: Waiting for something bad to happen

As you read these words, I’ve done just about everything you can in my situation as a homeless veteran.

I’ve filled out every job application I could find.

Every housing resource I’ve got access to is in play.

And I’ve got a temporary (albeit unstable) roof over my head.

But now, as I’ve mentioned several times through out this nightmare, the process slows you down.

You have to wait for the job interviews.

You have to wait for the backlog of veterans waiting for help with housing to get assistance.

And worst of all, you have to do all of this waiting in a very tough environment of shelters full of others who are also suffering.

When your life is awful, you’ve got a timer in your head that remind you that the precious time you have on this earth is going to waste.

I’d rather be around people I care about or in my own place enjoying a secure, peaceful environment. I’d rather be having a nice meal before a good night of sleep.

But that’s not in the cards for me. At this point, I wonder if it’s even on the horizon.

Instead, it seems more likely that something bad will happen.

You’re so vulnerable out here. And the environment is full of tension and desperation.

You don’t so much go to sleep as you do nod off into a guarded nap.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to drag the process further. Following up everywhere I can.

And I hope something good can happen before the bad catches up.

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