Thursday Reflections: “No, I’m not in trouble or addicted to drugs”

“I haven’t been to jail. I’m not detoxing from any drugs. I just can’t find an affordable place to live.”

I tell someone this at least once a day, as I try to find my way out of homelessness.

There is this horrible misconception floating around regarding homeless veterans. And it’s unfortunately also worked it’s way into the plan of how we attack homelessness among veterans.

That’s the notion that if a veteran is homeless, they must be addicted to drugs or in trouble with the law.

That’s simply not the case.

The affordable housing crisis has thrown renters into a waking nightmare of simply trying to survive, as unfair rent hikes are thrown at us from every direction.

But if you’re a veteran seeking help with housing, there are lanes that you’re corralled into.

One lane is addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Another are veterans who have gotten in trouble. This could also be connected to drugs and alcohol.

While the intentions of providers are good, this often pushes some veterans like myself into this gray area for wrap around services.

Now, I can’t say I’m okay. I don’t have skills to make a living for myself. I’m also very depressed. From the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes in guarded sleep. There is not a single iota of happiness in my soul right now.

The answer for this gap is an increase of services. The VA should be providing this but you’ll be suffering for weeks before they find you.

In the meanwhile, there will be veterans trying to fit into spaces where they don’t belong and this only makes the whole experience that much worse.

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