Celebrities Doing Good!

Mr. Ballentine will get to raise money for charity and be part of the most beloved league in American. That doesn't sound irrelevant to me.

Mr. Irrelevant isn’t so Irrelevant After All

ir·rel·e·vant iˈreləvənt/ adjective Not connected with or relevant to something. synonyms:beside the point, immaterial, not pertinent, not germane, off the subject, unconnected, unrelated, peripheral, extraneous, inapposite, inapplicable; Every year, the NFL Draft takes place and the last player selected in that draft gets the title “Mr. Irrelevant”. As you can see by the definition of […]

Feel Good Media

sara bareilles i choose you

Feel Good Media: “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is one of the most talented and successful singer/songwriters working today, and it’s pieces of music like this that’s made that possible. Where to start. There is so much that can make someone feel so special about this song, and plenty more that can make you feel hopeful of how much people can […]

Notorious B.I.G

Why Rap and Country Music are Genres of Success and Happiness

Hip-Hop and Country Western Music. Two vastly different sounding genres of music with very different audiences, located in different parts of the country/world. But they have more in common than you think and the similarities are positive stories of success and reaching goals. We’ll start with Hip-Hop/Rap. A classic track that is recognized as one […]

Defending your life poster

Defending Your Life: Old Film, Timeless Lesson

When I was younger, and the fiery summers invaded the Sunshine State, I was often trapped inside my home. There wasn’t much to do, especially in the mid-mornings when friends were doing the same thing, before the rain showers would cool things down enough to go out and play basketball or whatever season it was. […]