If anyone has ever given up on you, then we should be rooting for Chris Paul in game 7 against the Houston Rockets

Wednesday, we’ll have a game 7 on tap with some heavy drama and an underdog we’ll all need to be pulling for.

Not that future Hall Of Famer, Chris Paul, of the Oklahoma Thunder is anyone to be taken lightly.

But the truth is that his former team, the Houston Rockets, who he’ll be trying to send home on Wednesday, gave up on him when they traded him to his current team for the more electric, Russell Westbrook, last year.

Now, Westbrook is another probable Hall Of Famer, but this post really isn’t about him.

It’s about the Rockets shipping away Paul, a player with more days behind him than ahead of him in his career for the possibility the younger model could get them further. And that could still happen, the Rockets are favored tomorrow night.

But, boy I’ll really be rooting for Paul. And I think a lot of you will as well.

This is about being called “old”. Being called “ineffective”. Being called “limited”. This is about being told you don’t have what it takes anymore. That’s what the Rockets indirectly did to Paul here.

I would take that personally, I think Chris Paul is taking it personally.

What is also noteworthy is that the Rockets really haven’t done anything to win any over any fans outside of Houston in this fight. They’re actually on the defensive because many basketball insiders are prepared to call this whole era a bust if they don’t win this year.

And you thought the L.A teams had it bad.

It won’t keep me from cheering for Chris Paul on Wednesday night though. We know that this Thunder team probably won’t win a championship and Paul will still be missing the ring he deserves.

But for now, this is his championship, and vindication can feel really good in the meanwhile.

Let’s hope he gets it.

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