Bruce Arians has to keep Jameis Winston and Bucs from giving up after loss to New Orleans Saints

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the New Orleans Saints at home on Sunday 34-17, I saw somethings that were much more alarming after the game was over than I did during the game.

Slumping shoulders, heads down, frustrated faces. I saw a team that was preparing to give up on the season.

Now, Bruce Arians has to fight a two front war. The one on the field next week against the suddenly impressive Atlanta Falcons, and the ones in the minds of his players.

That includes quarterback, Jameis Winston, who threw four interceptions, including one that wasn’t really his fault but set the team back regardless. He also suffered an ankle injury. It looked like Ryan Griffin could see some action there for a bit. He was resilient during his media avail afterwards but he’s playing with contracts in mind.

And this dog-gone defense. Another 30 point plus stinker. They’ve only allowed less than that amount twice the entire season. Todd Bowles has work to do as well.

.500 is looking like a stretch at this point but it’s not impossible. We continue to see flashes of brilliance here.

But it’s up to the Bruce Arians to make these guys believe they can be brilliant.

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