Saturday Night Live: Bad material doesn’t give Regina King much to work with

Coming off of the best show of the season up to this point, Saturday Night Live gave us Regina King and Nathaniel Rateliff, and King this week, and Academy Award winning actress did her best to sell the unfunny material the best she could.

The FOX News cold opening was more of what we’ve seen so far. And didn’t really provoke any laughs. That’s unfortunate, the Super Bowl cold opening from last week was the funniest skit of the year.

King’s opening monologue was more of a Kennan Thompson segment, with the long time cast member serving as King’s hype man.

The show hit it’s main body with a cringy dating show segment with King, who sold it and bless her for doing it.

Then came a pretty funny fake Peloton ad called “Pelotaunt” that featured mean online coaches on the screen of each of the bikes. I enjoyed that.

Aidy Bryant had a second good week as a birthday girl, who was getting subtle hints from her friends that she drinks too much. King supported that skit nicely.

Saturday Night Live continued their streak of great musical performances. Coming off the heels of that epic Phoebe Bridgers peformance, Rateliff gave the show some great soul. An enjoyable pair of performances for sure.

But as sure the sun will rise in some part of the earth tomorrow, Weekend Update was once again terrible with Michael Che and Colin Jost continuing to hinder the momentum of these once great segments. Honestly, they force everyone to work harder.

Despite that, I’m was happy to see King host. You should watch “One Night In Miami” and definitely her award winning turn in “If Beale Street Could Talk”. This wasn’t her fault.

On to next week with a buzz worthy slate consisting of Rege Jean Page from NetFlix’s Bridgerton, and Bad Bunny, who seems to be printing money these days.

We’ll be there. Reluctantly.

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