Olympics should take a closer look at Orlando NBA bubble on keeping athletes safe ahead of games

Yes, I’m going to brag about the bubble again. More specifically, the NBA bubble hosted at Disney last year, that saved the NBA season and housed hundreds of athletes, coaches and support staff without a single positive COVID 19 test in the middle of the pandemic.

And this time, I’m going to suggest that the committee leading the Tokyo Olympic games, which kicks off later this summer, take a closer look at them.

Aside from scale, and let’s be honest, even under a reduced number of visitors, the Olympics are still a logistical nightmare, the fundamentals are still there for a successful bubble experience. Orlando got the blueprint right.

There will be hiccups and bet the farm there will be a couple of cases of countries losing important athletes to positive cases, but the quarantine system implemented by the NBA worked terrifically last year and should be emulated.

Tokyo is already under pressure, and their critics already believe the games should have been taken from them and brought to.. wait for it… Orlando (story HERE). What better way to silence those haters by announcing that you’re implementing measures that were already successful here in your own operation.

People trust us to do this right.

We all should be hoping for a successful games. We’re once again poised to do great things in the medal count. But the rest of the world will be watching too, with great hopes for their own young athletes.

Take the keys to safety learned right here in Orlando and used them to host the games that will bring the world out of the dark

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