AEW Rampage: Keith Lee vs. Hobbs vs. Wardlow ladder match will be appointment TV

Tonight on AEW Rampage, I was happy to see Will Hobbs defeat Dante Martin in the “Face of the Revolution” Ladder Match qualifier. Nothing against Dante Martin who had a really great night, but likely for the same reason you were happy to see Hobbs win.

It’s because we’re now set up for Hobbs vs. Wardlow vs. Keith Lee…In a ladder match. Are you freaking kidding me?

That is going to be epic wrestling television. Appointment television at AEW Revolution (which is taking place in my hometown of Orlando, Florida).

I’m hoping they don’t sink the entire peninsula into the ocean.

When was the last time we had three athletes of this size and magnitude in a ladder match? Yeah, you can look at some old WWE stuff, but you won’t find three athletes like these.

Hobbs has been progressing nicely on Team Tazz. I liked his match with CM Punk. Now I’m expecting another strong match here.

I’ve already talked about Wardlow who is in the process of a well paced face turn (story HERE).

And goodness. Keith Lee. This is absolutely incredible.

The Revolution card is already stacked, but this is going to be the match that may steal the evening. Seeing three big dudes is nothing new. WWE does it regularly. But they do such a poor job.

Here we’re getting three stars on the way up, fighting against each other under the direction of a company that is not afraid to take it’s time and do things right.

And we’ve still got more competitors to come. Who else are they going to throw into this match?

Honestly, I’m already happy with these three.

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