Look at this absolutely terrible deal on Chicken Wings

Listen, we all understand that wings have been under demand for some time now. There have been price increases.

But almost a $1.80 per win is a terrible, terrible, deal for customers. And that’s what I’m writing about today.

Gators Dockside is charging $8.99 for 5 wings. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five wings. My goodness. I had to show the prices to someone else to ensure I wasn’t misreading it.

I didn’t want to just come up and dunk on these guys. I did some comparison shopping.

Buffalo Wild Wings. Hooters. And Wing Street. All came in much lower. About $1 to $1.20 a wing. Still not great.

But my goodness. It’s better than what Gators Dockside is giving us.

“Then just don’t eat there” you might say.

Okay. Bet. I won’t.

But I have been a long time customer at Gators. And it’s unfortunate that they’re sticking it to customers this way.

And worse, this kind of behavior encourages further price hikes which takes its toll on us. “Blame it on the market” they’ll say. Fine.

But the power still lies with the customers and we deserve fair prices for food.

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