Mech Cadets: Episode 3 gives us the official return of our first main foe

In episode 3 of the first season of Mech Cadets, we get to see our young cadets fully explore their new robos, along with the alignment of what looks like our “big bad” for the season.

We begin in the lab with Park and Tanaka examining the Sharg eggs that we found at the end of the last episode. While the lab scientist preaches the possibilities of learning more about the Sharg as preparations for any future battles, Park ultimately makes the call to have them destroyed.

Meanwhile, Stanford, Frank, Maya, and Olivia, all begin their first full day working with their Robos. We see Big Red get a staff for a weapon, Thunder Wrecker receives batons, and Buddy gets a super glove. Olivia rolls out Hero Force One which works without a link, and struggles to get orientated.

The group decides to play a couple of games. We watch Maya win a game of capture the flag by besting Tanaka, but when the second game rolls around teamwork is needed, everyone fails with only Maya coming close to winning but at the expense of almost getting killed. While she’s unconscious we get a flashback of her meeting Park for the first time and learning about her tragic past following a Puerto Rican tsunami.

Back at the base, we learn that Hero Force has their own crew lead by Clark, who abandoned Chief Max when she was a Robo pilot, resulting in the sacrificed death of her own Robo companion. We also observe the scientist getting orders from up top to keep the Sharg eggs alive.

On Mars we see the emergence of a Sharg ship into orbit. Park declares that they’ve returned, and the eggs in the lab began to hatch as the show closes.

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