After half a century, Sylvester Stallone is still underrated as an actor. That’s what many of us may be thinking after watching the new episode of Tulsa King this week. But first, we got to see Dwight continue to navigate a world that has left him behind. Cash is noContinue Reading

We’re back on Fire Country this week after a break, with Bode trying to clear the air with Jake. And if Jake wasn’t already bad enough, he doubled down on “walking around” in Bode’s life and Gabriella. I don’t like Bode and Gabriella together by the way. And Gabby gotContinue Reading

We’re back on Lopez vs. Lopez, where the show actually tackled an interesting subject in Hispanic families. Speaking Spanish. Some of us do. Some of us don’t. But it’s typically an issue in a lot of households. Mayan didn’t, but instead faked it by always say “Claro que si” orContinue Reading

We’re back on Young Rock, where a coffee crisis has brought the nation to its knees, and Dwayne Johnson has been asked to save the day diplomatically. And he promptly told the President “no”. After cancelling a golf date with his mom, Dewey used the dispute to launch into aContinue Reading