Celebrities can’t be serious by freezing Instagram for only one day to support a cause

In another sign that celebrities don’t understand what kind of lives their fans live, a group of stars on Instagram have decided to freeze their accounts for a “Stop Hate For Profit” push (story HERE).

And this boycott will last for one day. 1 day. 24 hours (depending on their sleep schedule).

That’s it.

What a joke.

The truth is that these millionaire celebrities won’t be sacrificing anything with this freeze. They won’t change anything and they won’t be making any progress with the issue they’re trying to support.

It’s tone deaf.

And I’m not the only one who believes this either (story HERE).

If these celebrities really wanted to make a difference, this freeze would last longer. Or they would pull out the checkbook and start making donations.

But then that would affect their bottom line. And they can’t have that. That’s where their commitment stops.

Now let me take a step back for a moment. They’re raising awareness and that is something. But one day isn’t even a drop in the bucket. The world will forget about this freeze three days after it happened. If they’re serious about the cause, they need actions that will make a real affect.

And they need to make a serious statement about change. Not an empty one day gesture that really showcases how out of touch they are.

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