The DC Batman shuffle among it’s multiple films will confuse casual fans

Okay. Stay with me here.

Robert Pattinson is the new Batman and will star in “The Batman” (link HERE).

But Ben Affleck isn’t gone. He’s going to be Batman in the new Flash movie (story HERE). This after Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and The Justice League.

And Michael Keaton (remember him?). He will also be Batman in the Flash movie which will take place across multiple timelines.

Will the real Batman please stand up?

While over caffeinated fanboys are praising the involvement of all these actors, it’s a terrible decision by the filmmakers. Why?

It’s going to confuse your casual fans. The ones who ultimately determine if a film is successful or not.

Listen, Affleck was great, Keaton was my favorite, and even Pattinson has some potential after shaking that “Twilight” off of him.

But to your average moviegoer, they’re not going to know what’s going on.

And it could cost them at the box office.

They’re also diluting one of the greatest superhero and movie properties of all time. When you’ve got three Batmans flying around the movie calendar, they’re making him common.

And Batman deserves better than common.

The one solution is to make exceptional films. Not average or OK, but great movies that will do justice to the character and the legacies of these actors in playing Bruce Wayne. It can’t be half done.

And they need to communicate with their audience and do some explaining in their storytelling. This can’t be rushed or crammed into a movie that’s too long and loses the attention of that audience.

It’s needs to be done right.

Welcome back Ben Affleck. You’re a great Batman.

Let’s hope the filmmakers do right by you this time.

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