Grand Crew: “Trauma Bonds” and “Rap Sajack” arguments on Autotune keep the fun going

“I’m not invested. I’m just day drinking” – Fay

That was memorable line from “Grand Crew” which continued to throw some strong laughs our way tonight for almost the entirety of it’s run time.

Noah’s dating life continued to be the funniest part of the show. This time he was involved with a young lady who only felt romance through a “trauma bond”, which was when disasters invaded their dates. These comically tragic dating encounters have continued to work. And watching the rest of the characters react at the end of each show wraps things up nicely.

Let’s talk about “Rap Sajack”.

The hip hop artist introduced tonight pretended to be interested in buying a home from Nikki. I’ll leave some plot out there for you to discover but the use of autotune to hash out the plot was unexpected fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing that character again.

NBC also kept the commercials brief during the broadcast. That only helps. When you break it down, it feels more like a streaming experience than a network choreographing the program. And they’re keeping it clean. That’s not the easiest comedy to write when dealing with relationships these days but it works here.

“Grand Crew” remains fun. I’m going to stick with it and after a trend of comedy that hasn’t stopped since the premiere you should give it a look as well.

See you next week.

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