Joel Greenberg would absolutely be heading to congress, if not discovered

As the Seminole County Republican party continues to try and wade it’s way through the Ben Paris trial and it’s second convicted chairman of the modern era after Jim Greer, former County Tax Collector, Joel Greenberg is starting to talk (story HERE).

Greenberg has been doing a lot of talking since pleading guilty to several charges after his arrest. He had no shortage of enemies, and despite the severity of the charges against him, likely feels betrayed.

That’s because he knows he could have been on his way to the House of Representatives right now, if he hadn’t got arrested.

The retirement of Stephanie Murphy (feels weird typing that, she’s my age) lead to a wide open primary in a GOP leaning seat, ultimately won by Cory Mills.

That would have been Greenberg’s. You could argue it was drawn specifically for a candidate like him.

He was a high profile Donald Trump supporter, featured on the program at his rallies.

He had the name ID from what would have been six years of Tax Collector exposure.

He had the look, and a picture perfect young family.

And he had the money. As much as he needed to fight any challengers.

But he got too much power, too quickly, and the rest is history.

That seat was his though. The biggest winner in the poor behavior of Joel Greenberg was Cory Mills.

Greenberg understands though. He knows that instead of a seat in a Seminole County Corrections facility, he could have been on his way to a seat at the Capitol, for an indefinite period of time.

And he’s going to want revenge.

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