This Fool: Backyard Chicken almost causes a race war in S2 premiere “The Rooster”

“This Fool” returned this week for a second season on Hulu, and didn’t miss a step from its funny first campaign, with an issue that didn’t just effect Julio and Luis’ neighborhood, but has been an issue in communities all over the country. I’m talking about backyard chickens.

Episode one of season 2 title “The Rooster” had us catching up to Julio, who is still disappointed over the collapse of Hugs Not Thugs and his relationship with Maggie. He’s also forced to be a diplomatic translator when the neighborhood gets fed up with his landlord Don Emilio’s rooster.

The neighborhood delegation, led by Darius across the street warns Don Emilio that if he doesn’t get rid of his rooster then he’ll kill it. Then the Mexicans will be forced to fight the black residents. And Mr. Chen, a man of Asian descent, would be forced to choose a side. Don Emilio refuses to comply and the situation remains at a stalemate.


While sitting in the backyard, The Rooster telepathically diagnoses Julio with clinical depression, moments before Mr. Chen attempts to abduct the fowl disruptor with a baited fishing pole. Julio is able to thwart the kidnap attempt, but the attack forces the rooster to wear a neckbrace and a further angered Don Emilio starts playing loud Mariachi music at all hours of the day.

Ultimately, the neighborhood unites against Don Emilio and the rooster, and Emilio agrees to kill the bird. At the last second, Julio intervenes and decides to let the rooster live inside of his garage apartment.

Elsewhere, Luis continues trying to find purpose outside of jail and is working security at the suit shop. He becomes so bored and frustrated that he tries to trick a customer into stealing something and handcuffs him to a mannequin. Store owner, OG, let’s the customer leave handcuffed to a mannequin but reassures Luis that it’s okay because he has mannequin insurance. After a James Bond inspired conversation, OG encourages Luis to find a girlfriend. Luis approaches Ruby, a cashier at the store he’s infatuated with but loses his temper and gets into an altercation with another customer. After getting sprayed with a fire extinguisher to deescalate the argument, Ruby gives Luis her number and he returns home feeling better about his affairs.

Some of my favorite quotes..

Darius “I work the graveyard dawg. The sun is my moon!”

Luis: “You want to steal, you do that s*** at Men’s Warehouse b***”

Darius: (in poorly spoken Spanish) “Prepare for your turkey to die!”

Finally, I was saddened to learn about the death of P22. That was a kind graphic at the end of the episode.

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