If you’re going to ditch HBO after Game of Thrones wraps, try these shows first

On Sunday, Game of Thrones will conclude in what will be one of the most watched television finales in history.

The good people at HBO will then likely pour a drink and toast to the success of what has been a great storytelling journey.

Then they’ll pour a few more drinks and watch HBO Now users cancel their subscriptions in droves.

One issue is the price. HBO Now can be a little pricier than other streaming services like NetFlix and Hulu.

Then there is the library. The selection is limited.

But it is an outstanding library. Some of the best television shows in history if we’re being honest. The quality of programming at HBO has never been brought under question.

So, if you’re running out the clock on your HBO Now subscription, check out some of my recommendations.

Big Little Lies: This program couldn’t be more different than Game of Thrones, but the cast puts on an absolute acting clinic in it’s first season. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley star a group of mothers living in Monterey each going through their own unique family challenges. Meryl Streep will join the cast in it’s upcoming second season. That’s three Academy Award winners, and we haven’t even mentioned the supporting cast and their long list of trophies.

Veep: If you’re one of my political readers and you haven’t watched Veep, you’re depriving yourself of some of the best comedic writing in years. Julia-Louis Dreyfus along with a complete cast of comedy veterans deliver laughs a minute.

The Wire: Arguably, the best crime drama in history as we follow the story of the war against drugs in Baltimore from the perspective of both law enforcement and the dealers. The story moves along so well you’ll be done with it’s five seasons before you know it.

True Detective Season 1: Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey star in what is both a dark crime mystery and perhaps the best on screen  cop duo since Gibson and Glover. There are three seasons in this show. Reviews have been mixed on the following two but make it a point to watch this excellent first season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: You’ll be surprised how much you’ll laugh at Larry David and his despicable behavior. A comedic television must see.

This is just a small group of recommendations: And they don’t even include other critically acclaimed shows like the Sopranos and West World, or special programming in the areas of comedy and news. There is a lot to like.

Explore your HBO Now memberships, especially if you’re at the beginning of your monthly subscription. There is some genuinely excellent television here.

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