The Game of Thrones finale was indeed “Just OK” (No Spoilers)

The Game of Thrones finale is behind us, after the controversial episode aired on Sunday night to a frustrated fan base that was unhappy from what they’ve seen this year.

And it was… Just OK? Yeah.

We’ve had multiple historic battles this season and some big surprises, but the finale played it cool with some tense scenes early on and a lot of symbolism.

Ultimately, the plot to one of the most violent shows in television history ended on a relatively calm note (I’ve been adamant about HBO’s track record for using their finales to mop up) and there was a lot of talking and transition.

Was it satisfying? Yes. Was it great? Absolutely not.

There was enough closure and fan service moments to keep viewers from rioting in the streets but not from rioting on social media. This was the result many television experts anticipated and that’s what happened.

Where does it fall in the “history book of finales”?

Right in the center I suppose.

It’s not “Breaking Bad” good or Seinfeld bad. It’s not “Sopranos” mysterious or “House of Cards” bizarre. It’s just there.

Perhaps you felt that this wonderful show deserved better. You’d be right.

As for me, I’m going to look at the entire journey and appreciate the “Game of Thrones” story. It was a great ride, even if the last mile was a little bumpy.

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