XBox Series S price may provide early edge over Playstation 5 options but eventual quality will decide console war winner

With Playstation announcing their next generation console plans on Wednesday, our winter gaming war is set.

We have:

The Playstation 5 Disc for $499
And The Playstaion 5 Digital for $399

against the

XBox Series X for $499
And The Xbox Series S for $299

You know what I see. The same thing you’re seeing. A $200 dollar break for that Series S. And if you’re a parent, you’re not only seeing it, there is an excellent chance you’re underlining it. We’ve said it before. Winning Christmas morning while saving a couple hundred bucks is an exciting potential outcome.

And that price point will have many retail experts possibly declaring the XBox the winner next gen winner several months from now when they’re talking about early returns on overall consoles sold.

But you know and I know that if any of these launches stumble, then all bets are off. In a year, it won’t matter what these prices are, it will be what the players are actually enjoying.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a battle. It’s a war. Launch is just a battle in the campaign to win over gamers.

We can also talk about launch titles. Both consoles have some strong stuff coming out. Spiderman vs. Assassin’s Creed is nothing to take lightly with both franchises capable of flexing this next generation power.

And we’ve still got Nintendo out there with their plumber causing all sorts of craziness. Forget about them at your own peril.

As we speak, retailer websites are crashing on early orders and it’s only going to get worse. Let’s buckle up and get ready for a ride that will hopefully result in all of us enjoying a greater gamer experience.

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