Seminole County proves it’s still a Trump neighborhood with upbeat Lake Mary visit

Yesterday, President Donald Trump visited a home in Seminole County for a round table discussion and a fundraiser.

There was no negativity in sight.

Protesters were a no-show. Supporters did show up in decent numbers for a Monday morning, at the airport and along Markham Woods road. The President was visibly happy to see all of them during his quick drive drive from the Sanford Airport.

For an area that is suppose to be the swing county of the “Heart of the I4 Corridor” it sure looked awfully red yesterday.

Orange County. Blue.
Osceola County. Blue.

Seminole County, which is trending purple is finally supposed to have the shifted the demographic towards a younger and more anti Trump group to turn blue for whoever the nominee is this November, but that didn’t look like the case yesterday.

You could argue that was the most friendly visit Donald Trump has ever had to Central Florida. With the exception being the Sunshine Summit near I-Drive that essentially cemented his following in Orlando.

Credit and criticisms should be directed at each party.

Credit to the Seminole County Republicans for being able to turn out that kind of support on a Monday for the President.

And much criticism to the Seminole County Democrats, or SemDems, who thump their chests whenever they get the slightest momentum or attention, but still can’t get anything done that doesn’t have Orange County’s boundaries anchored on to it’s edge.

Of course, it’s March. Neither side should get too excited.

But if the President keeps making these kind of friendly visits to the biggest political battleground in the country, he only increases his chance of finding victory in November.

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