America might not be ready for an immediate post Coronavirus Disney World experience

Despite my old age, I still remember my first Disney World experience. It was just terrific. I remember parades, food, rides, and characters known throughout the world. I look back fondly on the experience and always keep the pictures from the experience not too far away.

Each year families from all over the world come here to Orlando to give their children the same experience.

It breaks my heart to envision what that experience might look like in a post Coronavirus pandemic world.

Parades. Gone. Or enforced with spacing that would dilute the experience.

Food. Limited due to a contactless philosophy.

Rides. Socially spaced, forcing those who are already nervous, to go through the experience alone.

Disney Princesses wearing face masks and forbidden from hugging the children who flew around the world to meet them.

And your Disney World experience won’t be complete without a set of Mickey Mouse ears paired with a face mask of your own. Not being sarcastic. Right next to the ponchos, you’ll see them.

It won’t be that way forever (goodness, I hope not), but is that really the first experience families are going to want for they’re kids? Probably not.

The truth is they’re going to want an experience for their children that is similar to ours.

They don’t want to look back at old photos and see everyone wearing face masks.

We have to continue to be vigilant in fighting the Coronavirus and have faith that there is a way to make Disney World truly happy and safe.

Let’s stay committed to the fight and let’s look forward to the day where we can have the old Disney World back, even it might be a while.

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