Florida State lawmakers should support cat declawing ban

Being a cat in the Sunshine State isn’t easy. First, you’re considered lucky if you find a family that will take you in to begin with. A ridiculous amount of cats live on the streets or are currently awaiting rescue at shelters. Despite being great pets, you literally can’t give cats away.

If should be fortunate enough to find a home, then you may have an owner that would like to make some modifications to your body. This includes grabbing your paws and ripping out your claws in a painful procedure so you can’t defend yourself from predators. They do this because they don’t want a much more affordable scratching post in their home and they’re afraid you’ll scratch their La-Z-Boy.

Legislation being sponsored by State Senator Lauren Book, would make this procedure illegal in Florida (with exceptions for health considerations), and her colleagues in the senate and house should support it.

Why? Because there simply isn’t a reason not to.

If you’re searching to see who is a potential loser from the ban, the only group I can think of are perhaps vets that perform the procedure. We should instead encourage more procedures that will control the cat population problem that we mentioned at the beginning of this post. There are also other procedures that can be done to keep your pet healthy. If you’ve been to the vet before, you know there is no shortage of treatment (and billable) options.

If you believe declawing could deter adoptions, that’s a fair observation, but the truth is that declawing has been trending downward in years, and you can still trim your cats nails as part of their regular grooming routine if they’re in a sensitive environment. It’s a much more reasonable and less painful option than declawing.

We love our cats, but we know how this legislature can be. Let’s not spend five years trying to get this passed. Let’s be kind owners to our cats and support this bill

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