Why this photo was one of the most important things Buddy Dyer has shared during the COVID crisis

On Saturday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer posted a simple photo of him walking his dog Sammie. On any other weekend of any other year during his long tenure in office it wouldn’t have been very important.

But this photo is being shared during the Corona virus crisis the whole world is currently experiencing.

And out of all the “fun” images that social media often uses to soften up a politician, this photo is one of the most important things he’s shared since this crisis begun.


Because, like him or not, he’s the elected leader of the City of Orlando and he’s demonstrating first hand that despite the dangers out there that it’s still safe to take a responsible walk in your community.

Critics who are simply rejecting any positivity at this point will call the picture reckless and a bad example. They’re wrong.

Out of the existing guidelines, this is what is being considered safe. That may change in the future but it’s not the case right now.

I say that because I’m a regular Buddy Dye critic. There are plenty of other Orlando lawmakers just sitting back and riding this thing out. That is wrong.

The truth is that if leaders don’t lead by example, then why should their constituents take them seriously?

We still have a long way to go, but there isn’t a reason to be scared of sunlight. We’re not vampires (well many of these Orlando lobbyists and tourism executives may be), but it’s still okay to practice social distancing and take your dog for a walk.

The City of Orlando is still a safe place to be. It’s important for it’s resident’s to see their leaders demonstrating that.

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