Here is what I liked from the Call Of Duty: #BlackOpsColdWar War Multi Player reveal

On Wednesday, players got their first look at multi player for Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War which will be released on November 13th.

Here is what we liked:

Cross Platform, Cross Generation on Warzone: Let’s cut straight to the chase. The Warzone element of Cold War involvement will be cross platform, cross generation. This is a big deal considering where we are with upcoming console releases. This is a very inclusive decision that will ensure no COD players are left out in the cold. During the Cold War.

Miami and Armada: Two wonderful looking maps include Miami, which takes you back to 1984 neon lit South Florida for some very cool looking combat, in an environment that varies from beaches to night life, and Armada which takes us to the high seas for some pirate like ship jumping

Wheel-man friendly vehicles: We’re getting a snow mobile! If you’re familiar with my play style, I like to jump in whatever vehicle I can find and win my games that way. Cold War is taking care of us with an assortment of vehicles on land, sea, and air.

More realistic movement
: Jumping will actually take a second to recover from. Sliding will square you up in a crouch. There is a sprint that will give you a zip on your movement.This all makes the game better.

All around better gunplay: They’ll react better. They look better. There will be more customization. Cold War is aiming to make our tools more personalized than ever. I’m excited.

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