It’s become obvious that fans want more #HenryCavillSuperman and we need to be listening

#HenryCavillSuperman was trending on social media again on Monday. Yet another clear sign that fans want the British actor to continue playing “The Man Of Steel” during a very important time in the DC cinematic universe.

You look at the rundown of projects coming up. Wonder Woman 1984, Black Adam, The Flash, and yes, even the Snyder cut of the Justice League, there is a lot of opportunity there for movie makers to win over the crowd by announcing they’re going to try and make it work with Cavill.

That means giving him more opportunities to play Superman.

Really, I’ve been up and down on Cavill as Superman but that hasn’t been because of his acting. It’s been because Warner Bros is always overstuffing DC movies that turn into films that are too long with stories that are clearly rushed.

They’re the ones who have done the damage to Cavill’s Clark Kent. And that’s not fair.

The good news is that they can make it right. They just have to bring this recent trend DC movies that are pretty good, like that first Wonder Woman movie and like Shazam, and then make it work with a Superman project.

That sounds really simple but it’s not. You know that there are a lot of problems at the top of this pyramid which have gotten us here and the people on top of that pyramid believe they’ve been doing things right.

If that were true, we wouldn’t be talking about this trend and DC would be doing fine.

But no. We have to make repairs. And one of those fixes is bringing back Henry Cavill to continue playing Superman.

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