For the Miami Dolphins there is little time to see if “FitzMagic” can make a comeback

This week, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, announced that veteran, Ryan Fitzpatrick, was the “clear leader” in the starting quarterback competition against Josh Rosen (story HERE). During the offseason, Fitzpatrick was picked up after departing Tampa Bay, and Rosen came to Miami through a trade.

It was an interesting season for both quarterbacks last year. We saw “Fitzmagic” come alive in Tampa with Fitzpatrick sparking a dormant Bucs offense while a struggling Jameis Winston recovered from injury. We saw a series of marvelous performances before ultimately, Fitzpatrick came back down to earth and Winston won back his starting job.

The big question for Flores and for Dolphins fans is if there is any magic left in unpredictable Fitzpatrick? And is that possibility worth delaying the development of a young Josh Rosen, who also showed promise on a bad Arizona Cardinals team.

There isn’t much time to figure it out. The Dolphins face four playoff teams to start the season and 2019 could be virtually lost cause before Rosen even takes the field. Miami doesn’t have to necessarily worry about protecting him, it’s hard to imagine them slipping to the level of the Arizona team he played behind last year, despite the drama with the offensive line we’ve seen during camp.

On the other side of the coin, you play Rosen, he crashes and burns against those tough defenses, and Fitzpatrick goes in anyways, and for the second time in a year, Rosen has to deal with being set aside for another QB (See Kyler Murray in Arizona). That’s not easy to come back from.

Not an easy decision that’s for sure. And count on the critics that said they should have picked up a quarterback in the draft howling too.

We’ve still got a lot to see. I’m not sure if I would have declared Fitzpatrick a “clear leader” but the moment often grabs you behind a microphone.

It’s very rare when anything is clear after the year that the Dolphins have had.

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