Jaguars trading Jalen Ramsey to Los Angeles Rams is an NFL “Win-Win-Win”

Well, that worked out rather nicely.

On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded disgruntled (but talented) cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, to the Los Angeles Rams for two first round picks.

Like Michael Scott once said in “The Office”; “In a win-win-win, we all win.”

That’s what we got here.

The Jacksonville Jaguars actually got what they wanted. Two first round picks. One to replace Ramsey and another for the talent deficit they’re taking on by trading him to hopefully recoup down the road. It’s a great deal and the Jags have managed to stay competitive while Ramsey has missed games anyway.

Jalen is gone and he’s going to a contender. In Los Angeles he’ll work with coaching hot shot, Sean McVay while sharing the field with Aaron Donald. They need him and he should feel wanted there. And after all, going to Los Angeles isn’t the worst relocation scenario. Ask Blake Bortles who left Jacksonville for the west coast during the offseason.

And the Rams, who are all the sudden, not the NFC superpowers they thought they were after representing the conference last year in the SuperBowl, are gaining a terrific player who can break open a close game. They need him in a division they share with Russel Wilson.

So, after much drama, everybody is getting what they want. That doesn’t always happen in today’s NFL but that’s how the it went. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

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