Jameis Winston could pay the price for the way the Bucs handled the Gerald McCoy situation

All Pro defensive tackle, and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player, Gerald McCoy, has found a new team, and the latest addition to the Carolina Panthers will be aiming to make his old team pay the price for the way they treated him.

And it might be Bucs quarteback, Jameis Winston, who picks up the tab.

You never want a player like McCoy to go to a division rival. You want him away from you. As far away as possible.

Signs were encouraging at first. McCoy was talking to the Browns and Ravens. Football-wise that’s pretty far.

But Panthers QB, Cam Newton got involved, and personally helped recruit McCoy to get the deal done. This was the love that he expected while he was negotiating with his old Bucs team.

Instead, they went out and signed Ndamukong Suh, and gave him McCoy’s number.

Now, Suh is certainly not a scrub and can bring possibly bring that Rams Super Bowl swagger to Tampa (story HERE).

Unfortunately, now you have McCoy lining up against Winston, a quarterback, who is likely on his last opportunity to make some thing happen with the Bucs under a new coach.

Jameis is emotional. And now you’re putting him in a position where he could get clobbered twice next year against a division rival, where you’re the team staring up at the other three clubs in the NFC South.

Not a good look. Not a good decision. And not a good place to be.

Bucs fans can hope for the best, but if McCoy goes off on them next year, they’ll have only their front office to blame.

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