Mike Glennon will be good insurance policy for Gardner Minshew in Jacksonville

You’ll recall, when the Jaguars were reportedly considering bringing in Andy Dalton to stand alongside Gardner Minshew in Jacksonville, I thought it was a bad idea (story HERE).

Dalton is talented. He could still be starting somewhere. I didn’t want that pressure in the Jaguars locker room for Minshew, who’s demonstrated he has the stuff to win.

Instead it will be Dak Prescott who will have to keep Dalton off the field for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Jaguars wisely opted for veteran back-up, Mike Glennon, who did have a rough time in Chicago, but before with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers demonstrated he could play.

That is the kind of presence Minshew needs. A leader who can step in if he has to, but won’t bring pressure into the situation if things get rocky for the Jaguars. And in the tough AFC south, that could be a possibility.

This will choose to be a wise move for Jacksonville. Now “Uncle Rico” can truly see how far he can take this team.

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