The Dolphins beat down from the New England Patriots was every bit as bad as we thought it would be

Well, that was awful.

As we all expected the Miami Dolphins fell to the New England Patriots at home 43-0, to fall to 0-2 on what many are already calling a lost season.

They’re right. We’ll get to that in a moment.

As for this afternoon, yeah it was as bad as what we thought it would be. Four interceptions from Miami quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen, who combined for only 142 yards in passing, to go with the sad 42 yards on the ground from the five different players who carried the ball.

On the other sideline, they were having a party, with controversial receiver, Antonio Brown, scoring his first touchdown from Tom Brady as part of a collective of 8 targets who would register catches against the Dolphins.

Miami Head Coach Brian Flores called the effort “disappointing”.

But is it really though? Can you say you’re disappointed when a team this bad is playing a team that good?

Anyways, the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys will be waiting for the Dolphins next weekend. The schedule doesn’t get much easier with the Chargers and Bills coming up as well.

Today, was as bad as we knew it would be, but it can’t get much worse then 43-0.

Can it?

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