Political opportunism aside, Nikki Fried is right when she says state should halt toll road projects

When it’s all said and done, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried will be the political opportunist of 2020.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, she has just sniped on every decision made by other lawmakers and has either co-signed them or destroyed them online. Both with the intention of boosting her own profile for a potential gubernatorial run in 2022.

But she got one right this time (story HERE).

She’s on the record asking lawmakers to halt toll road projects as we continue to deal with the pandemic.

As millions struggle during these challenging times and the state continues to negotiate every environmental obstacle thrown at us, this isn’t a bad idea.

And the truth is that we really don’t even need those toll roads in those areas in question.

The problem is that a lot of these Tallahassee politicians never met a a toll road they didn’t like and when the time comes, they seldom won’t be opposed to a toll hike on those roads, which means more money out of pocket for everyone unfortunate enough to come across one.

As an Orlando veteran who’s had to pay over $10 in round trip tolls alone to get from Seminole County to a Lake Nona hospital, I can tell you it’s excessive.

We need to slow down with these projects that aren’t immediately needed, if needed at all, and focus on the priorities that will matter in the coming months.

Not about filling invoices in for developers and lobbyists.

Fried isn’t good at hiding her political aspirations but this time she’s on the page we need to be on.

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