ESPN should forgive Adrian Wojnarowski email mistake and move on

Really, who hasn’t wanted to reply to an email with an F-you?

That’s what the normally quite level-head Adrian Wojnarowski did when he received an email from Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, criticizing the NBA’s decision to have only social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys.

ESPN has acknowledged it. Woj (as his viewers call him) has apologized. Let’s move on. And let’s hope ESPN does just that.

The truth is that politicians use these stunt emails all of the time for easy press. I received them for years when I was calling balls and strikes. They exist to gain attention to their cause. To energized their base and to rattle the opposition.

Why Woj bit on this particular email? Who knows? Perhaps he’s really in the driver’s seat and he’s trying to show solidarity with members of the sport who he spends his life around. He’s being praised on social media right now. Maybe he actually wins in all of this.

And Hawley gets his ink.

Everybody wins.

Either way, let’s hope ESPN doesn’t punish Woj. He’s one of the best at what he does.

Now let’s move on before Adam Schefter goes off on Rick Scott.

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