Tiger Woods Masters wins is good for golf, and that’s good for Orlando

Tiger Woods climbed back to to the top of the golfing world on Sunday afternoon, playing a steady game that saw many other challengers falter in the final holes. His first majors win in 11 years, and his first win at the Masters since 2005.

His return jolted Golf to the top of many social feeds, as supporters celebrated his victory and why not? Golf with a competitive Tiger Woods is the most successful golf and draws many more eyeballs than when he’s struggling. There isn’t an athlete that puts a sport on his shoulders like Tiger Woods does with golf.

And here in the middle of Florida, a state with more than 1,200 golf courses, many of them in Orlando and many more around the state that are struggling, that’s a great thing.

Tiger rallies the younger players to pick up a club. He inspires casual players, and novice players that have no idea what they’re doing, like myself, to get back on the course and improve. This drives dollars into these operations and keeps many people employed.

It also prevents “graveyard golf courses” that often leave local leaders with large plots of unused land that residents don’t want developed and are then left unmaintained and messy.

Golf in Florida needs to be constantly fed and Tiger, despite his past problems and span between victories, Sunday demonstrates the former Orlando resident is still the sports best ambassador and when he wins, the sport wins.

And when the sport wins, Orlando wins.

Photo: CBS Sports

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