The Orlando Magic need a Drake-like figure on it’s sidelines

Today, I was doing some radio with my friends at 90.7 WMFE (story HERE) and the NBA Finals made it’s way into the conversation. While I’ve picked the Warriors to win (story HERE), there is no denying the Toronto Raptors have some good things going on around “Jurassic Park”.

One of those things is music superstar Drake.

I’ve talked about the sideshows that have made these finals so enjoyable (story HERE) and there is no denying that Drake has become a story line in this series.

We need a Drake here in Orlando.

Repeating what I said this morning “I wish we had five Drakes, he does great things for the fan base.”

That’s true. Fans like being able to go to a game to see a celebrity getting excited about the home team. That celebrity also magnifies their voices on social media and stirs up more interest.

The players enjoy it. The media likes it. And it sells more tickets.

The Los Angeles Lakers have Jack Nicholson, the New York Knicks have Spike Lee, our rivals to the south in Miami draw all sorts of different kinds of stars, it would be terrific to have that energy here.

Who could it be? Well, I don’t know. While we live in one of the best communities in the country, we don’t really draw a lot of celebrities. Still, the team should do what it can to recruit one. I understand I’m not the first or likely the 10,00th to wish this for the club but it bears repeating.

The Magic are doing a lot of things right at the moment. They’re back in the playoffs, they’re working on an entertainment complex that will continue to make the Amway Center one of the NBA’s finest venues to watch a game, and hopes are high for the draft later this month.

This shouldn’t be too high on the list, but it would be pretty cool.

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