Movie Review: “Spiderman: Far From Home” a fun and lighter superhero outing

Are you still tired from your 3 hour Avengers: Endgame outing? I loved the film and I’m still exhausted. However, if you’re ready to go on another quality Marvel outing, Spiderman: Far From Home manages to go a little lighter on the emotion, while still providing a fun summer afternoon at the movies.

Far From Home picks up after the events of Endgame with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) heading on a school trip with his friends. While he plans on having a romantic time in Europe with his crush, MJ (Zendaya), the world has other things in mind and it’s not long before Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Quintin Beck (Jake Gyllenhal) call on Spiderman to help them save the day from giant monsters composed of the elements.

All of the performances are fine with Holland and Fury tapping back into their likeable characters, Gyllenhal really flies as Beck, almost as he’s been waiting for his chance to join the popular mythology, and the rest of the funny cast of familiar personalities really help the story along.

Director, Jon Watts, guides a quality film, with the story doing justice to both past Marvel films while keeping it’s focus on the future of the franchise. The special effects are creatively used to keep the action crisp.

But, it shouldn’t be included in Marvel’s top film selections. If we’re comparing these comic films further, I would say Far From Home is on the same level as it’s predecessor, “Homecoming”. If you’re a fan of Spiderman you should still love it.

It does do justice to moving the Marvel Cinematic Universe along, and there are some good-hearted messages in the story. That along with the strong action does make Spiderman: Far From Home a breezier and enjoyable time.

One piece of advice…



Rating: PG-13

Running time: 2hrs 10 minutes

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