Movie Review: “Angel has Fallen” is more of the same video game action as it’s predecessors

Super Secret Service Agent, Mike Banning, is back for a third time in “Angel has Fallen”, the latest installment in the “Fallen” trilogy following the exciting “Olympus” and the less impressive “London” movies. And while star Gerard Butler tries something different this time around, it’s not long before the film turns into another live action “Call of Duty” affair.

This time Banning is suffering through some medical issues that is once again causing him to consider retirement, while President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) considers him for the secret service director position. While we’re wondering why saving the day twice before hasn’t already earned him the position, an attack from a flock of explosive drones knocks the President into a coma, while a conspiracy to frame Banning for the assassination attempt forces him to become a fugitive.

Nick Nolte plays Banning’s off the grid father and Jada Pinkett Smith is the FBI agent charged with bringing him in. The cast is fine while reciting the same cheesy dialog we’ve become accustom to, and the action scenes will win over fans of the genre. Director Ric Roman Waugh makes sure of that.

The problem is that it’s just more of the same. There is a scene that takes place in the Pennsylvania wilderness that reminded me of Harrison Ford running from the authorities in “The Fugitive”, and another sequence that reminds me of that classic shootout in “Heat”. It’s all things we’ve seen before and that’s a problem.

“Angel has Fallen” is the weakest of the trilogy. The intense action will keep hardcore fans of the series happy, but it’s painfully predictable and that’s because we’ve already watched this movie twice before.



RUNNING TIME: 1hr 54 min

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