Movie Review: “Ad Astra” is a superb space journey

Brad Pitt’s latest “Ad Astra”, is a journey through space that captures it’s audience through terrific performances and a first class visual experience, with a story that keep us guessing through it’s entire run time.

Pitt stars as Major Roy McBride, an astronaut who’s called in for a special mission to track down his missing father in space with the fate of humanity in the balance. Roy’s dad (played by Tommy Lee Jones) didn’t have a relationship with his family and left little data behind regarding his mission leaving our main character (and the audience) beginning a trip into the unknown.

Everything just looks wonderful. The experiences in space are completely immersive and the sound here is amazing. There are some real moments in the story that are truly exciting and even frightening, while Pitt and Jones give first class performances.

Could the story be a little too aloof for some? Possibly. The marketing doesn’t tell you much about what to expect, but I will tell you that this is a journey, that while satisfying, can be a little quiet sometimes. Pitt’s performance is stoic and there is virtually no humor in this film. It’s a heavy watch.

What “Ad Astra” does have a lot of is mystery, drama and a visual effects experience that is among the best I’ve seen this year and the best I’ve seen in space since “Gravity”. Great work by Director James Gray.

If you’re looking for a memorable space drama, see it.

Ad Astra


Rated: PG-13

Running time: 2Hrs 2minutes

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