College Park demolition trend of old homes sadly won’t end there

There was a good story in the paper this week regarding the demolition of old homes in the College Park area for newer and bigger homes (story HERE).

There was a powerful statement in there saying “It’s like Oviedo is coming to College Park” referring to the newer homes rapidly being built in that area of Seminole County near UCF.

That’s accurate and sadly it’s not going to end in College Park.

As we already know College Park is a very convenient area. It allows you to be near downtown without really dealing with the downtown headaches. You’ve got that Lake Ivanhoe barrier and slower speed limits that prevent heavy through traffic. There are also a lot of trendy places places making their home there. It’s a neat neighborhood.

Which is why you can expect the demolition of older and more affordable homes to keep on spreading down Edgewater drive.

We’re talking at least all the way back to Lee Road. Then we get to the Forest City area that is still years away from redevelopment, but you could also expect it to spread back towards the Lake Fairview area until Orange Blossom Trail and even out west where it’s going to jump over Colonial drive and stopping just short of the Washington Shores area.

There was also a remark by a politician in that article saying that he doesn’t believe the trend prices homes out of the reach of a lot of Central Floridians.

Wrong. That’s exactly what it does.

What kind of housing chart are you looking at when a newer and bigger home in a popular area isn’t going to be more expensive than a 60 year old home in the same place? Nonsense.

Still, I suppose it’s a mix bag. College Park is classy convenience. That costs money.

All I know is that I did grow up with those older homes. Many of them made of good old large blocks that would laugh at tropical storm force winds. They were painted tacky colors and were distinctly old Orlando.

I’ll be sad to see them go.

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