Florida Lawmakers should take a good look at bill that would let students get mental health days

A bill has recently been filed in Tallahassee that would let students miss school for mental health reasons (story HERE).

I think it’s a pretty solid idea.

One thing that lawmakers from both parties can agree on is that there isn’t enough attention paid to the mental health needs of students. This legislation, that allows for one day missed per semester for health reasons would allow that.

Mental health problems have been linked to elevated suicide rates and violent tendencies, including gun violence which can and has ended in tragedy all over the country, including here in Florida.

We have the opportunity to finally get out in front of this, by providing parents and students to seek care without the possibility of having even more pressure applied by falling behind in school.

This actually seems like a fairly common sense idea. Right?

It should. Let’s get political for a moment.

The issue here is that the bill has been filed by a House Democrat from Hillsborough county.

Democrats in the Republican majority legislature just aren’t very effective.That’s actually not an opinion. They file bills that on many occasions aren’t even heard.

So, we’re going to need bi partisanship here. We need a Republican lawmakers to get in here and work somethings out.

When tragedy strikes in schools, we’re very quick to point to mental health issues and then as the days pass, we move on without action.

We have the chance to act here. Let’s get something done.


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