Movie Review: “21 Bridges” shoots through predictability with solid action

Hollywood used to pump out cop movies like “21 Bridges” all of the time, but after the years of cliches became too much they sort of fell to the back. This film does manage to bring back what we like but comes loose in the final chapter and will likely be forgotten in time.

Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) plays Andre Davis, a second generation cop who has a reputation for being too fast on the trigger. When two robbers gun down a group of police officers during a drug heist, he has to shutdown New York and bring the duo to justice before the sun comes up. Along the way there are some twists and turns which will test Davis’ commitment.

Boseman is strong as usual and adds some depth to a role that could fall flat in someone else’s hands. Director Brian Kirk does his job with some great action sequences that makes watching his lead race around New York a lot of fun. JK Simmons and Stephan James also turn in good supporting performances.

Where “Bridges” stumbles is in it’s last 20 minutes, passing on what could have been a satisfying ending that ties off Andre Davis’ story nicely for a more dynamic ending that pushes the story into an almost ridiculous conclusion you’ll see crossing over from a far enough distance.

This is a decent film though and with it’s run time at just over an hour and a half, it doesn’t outwear it’s welcome.

21 Bridges


Running time: 1hr 39 minutes

Rated: R

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